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About Tageta
I remember the first time my mom showed me how to grow flowers. My hands were little, my eyes wide. We we’ re planting tagetes seeds on the spring lit window sill. Fuzzy, little parachutes, so tiny, yet so full of life. Within a fews days I saw them transform into green little creatures, stoically pushing their way through the dark soil, fed by nothing but water and sunlight (plus some encouraging words of a 5-year old). I was blown away. How did nature do this? It became a ritual: Every autumn we’d collect the seeds from the dying flowers for next year, always so full of anticipation to see the seeds come back to life again. I started understanding that everything is circular - the taking needs giving, the growing needs dying. Something so easy, yet so hard to understand. So easy, yet so hard to live up to, even though it’s deeply rooted in us and everything around us. Tageta wants to remember this precious principle and turn it into goods, that bring us joy, but live up to this circular idea.

About the collection Dis/solve
The pendants of our dis/solve collection are made out of handmade bio plastic and carefully collected pieces, found in nature. When exposed to water they dissolve within a few hours without leaving anything toxic or harmful substances behind.The non-dissolving parts are made out of stainless steel, made to last and to be used over and over again. 50% of all our proceeds directly go back to nature, supporting different organizations or projects, supporting planet earth.


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