Plant-based beauty to upbeat your skin - every day.

Our essence lies in the union of botanical oils and extracts with active ingredients, wrapped in mild, vegan formulations and silky textures.
Our plant-based formulations nourish and protect the skin with a mix of botanical essences such as fruit kernel oils and floral water and active ingredients. From chamomile and peach blossoms to raspberry seed and sea buckthorn pulp oil to fruit acids, hyaluronic acid and vitamins. Our skin care is vegan, effective, mild and balanced and packaged in an environmentally friendly way.

We do not use raw materials that are suspected of irritating the skin or damaging your health and therefore do not work with alcohol or large amounts of essential oils.

Our wellness range, on the other hand, also works with aromatic, essential oils for aromatherapy purposes. Wherever possible, we buy our natural raw materials in controlled, organic quality from local and international sources. Many of our natural oils are also by-products from the food industry. Information on which ingredients are ecocert or organic can be found on the respective product pages.

Our formulations are personally developed, tested and produced by us in-house in our small laboratory in Berlin Neukölln, and then produced in small batches and then sent to you fresh!

Our packages get by with as little packaging waste as possible and without unnecessary catalogs or third-party advertising.
















Josephine founded Lovely Day in 2016. After an operation on her spine, which left a long scar on her back, she wanted to let her hair grow down to her bottom, but it didn't work with the usual hair care products. After a long stay in Australia, she discovered her love for natural cosmetics, followed by a long 'withdrawal' from conventional cosmetics and finally her goal was achieved: Long, healthy hair! Back in Germany, she began to recreate products that she had sorely missed. So she began to professionalize her DIY passion more and more. After getting a breath of fresh air in the start-up world in Berlin, she had the courage to launch her own brand in 2016. The credo was: Gentle natural cosmetics but still combined with active ingredients, alcohol-free and, above all, as free as possible from fragrances and everything else that could be irritating. The design and concept is inspired by brands from Seattle such as Herbivore Botanicals and French Girl Organics. Since studying in Canada with many weekend trips to Seattle, she has fallen in love with the ´crafty´ vibe of the city and it was clear that her products should be handcrafted and locally made.

Meanwhile her hair is short again, because who cares about a few scars;)

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