Blossom Gloss Hair Serum

Blossom Gloss Hair Serum

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  • Blossom Gloss is a delicate hair oil, for all of you who have not yet made the leap from silicone-based care or are simply looking for a nourishing, glossy but not greasy hair oil. We created Blossom Gloss based on coco caprylates, an ester made from coconut, which gives your hair the same shiny, well-groomed finish as silicone without the negative long-term consequences. We enriched the oil with cold-pressed organic grape seed oil, camellia, wilrose, squalane made from olive residue and regional sunflower seed oil. Blossom Gloss used to be called Coco Gloss and got its new name because of the bewitching floral smell from Jasmin Absolue and Litsea Cubeba.

  • Simply rub in 1-2 drops of Blossom Gloss in the palms of your hands and then massage into towel-dried to dry hair. You can also give 1-2 Blossom Gloss to your hair care, such as shampoo, conditioner or treatment, thus increasing its care performance. Insider tip: Especially dry hair uses 2-3 pump strokes of our Mellow Mallow Spray before using Blossom Gloss!


    Good to know

    To ensure that our products suit you, we offer our sample service and / or care advice. You can test our Blossom Gloss extensively for 3 euros per sample. If you then decide to buy the full-size size, you will receive a 10% discount from us. Every skin is different, we cannot guarantee or even promise whether your skin and our products will be compatible. Unfortunately, we cannot reuse used full-size products - we can only dispose of them - and therefore we cannot refund them. Therefore, please do not send us back any used products, but prefer to give them away. You can find more information in our FAQs.

  • INCI: Coco Caprylate*, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil*, Jasminum Sambac Flower Extract*, Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oi*l, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil*, Citral*, Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil*, Rosa Moschata Seed Oil*, Squalane*, Linalool**, Benzyl Alcohol**, Limonene**, Benzyl Benzoate**, Geraniol**, Farnesol**
    *Ecocert certified


    **part of essential oils

    Squalane: Squalane are obtained from olive press residues and are a wonderful, supple basis for facial oils and creams and hair care.

    Coco Caprylate:

    A clear, colorless to slightly yellowish, oily liquid with high spreadability. Hair care products improve combability and provide more shine in the hair, similar to silicone-based products, only without the build-up effect (silicones accumulate in layers on the hair surface and can only be removed with cleaning-intensive shampoo). Coco-caprylate is 100% renewable raw materials and is easily biodegradable.

    Grape seed oil: Our organic grape seed is one of the most valuable domestic oils. Grape seed oil, with its high proportions of polyphenols and tocopherols, has an exceptionally strong antioxidant, cell membrane protective effect. Hair care is valued for the nourishing and sealing properties of the oil.