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Hyaluron & Bloom Glow Boosting Toner

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  • Now available with drip closure as standard due to its slightly gel-like consistency. Our Hyaluron & Bloom toner clears your skin after cleansing - completely without alcohol - but with mildly astringent, allergen-free rose petal water, aloe vera juice and chamomile. 2% PHA fruit acids stimulate skin renewal and can help loosen deep-seated impurities, minimize enlarged pores and fight premature skin aging without irritating the skin. Blackberry extract, peach and orange blossom are full of antioxidant flavonoids and hyaluronic acid binds the moisture supplied particularly effectively and in the long term. Pale skin gets a whole new life thanks to this toner, looks radiant, evenly and healthily pigmented and plump. Suitable for all skin types.

  • There are many different ways to incorporate this toner into your routine! You can, for example wash your face in the morning with water and then put a few drops of the toner in your hands and spread it on your face. Then seal in the moisture with a facial oil, cream or our nectar. If you don't wear any makeup, you can use the toner in the evening instead of cleansing. Simply clean the face with warm water and put a few drops of the toner on a cotton pad / washcloth and rub it over your face. Otherwise, use the toner after cleansing with our Mellow Mallow Creamy Cleansing Gel. Then you follow with your night care, ideally the Skin Rescue Oil.

    Good to know

    This natural product may contain loose plant particles. The PHA fruit acids we use are very mild and do not cause severe irritation, but in summer it may be advisable to give the skin a break and switch to the Mellow Mallow Calming Spray.

    To ensure that our products suit you, we offer our sample service and / or care advice. You can test our Hyaluron + Bloom Toner extensively for 3 euros per sample. If you then decide to buy the full-size size, you will receive a 10% discount from us. Every skin is different, we cannot guarantee or even promise whether your skin and our products will be compatible. Unfortunately, we cannot reuse used full-size products - we can only dispose of them - and therefore we cannot refund them. Therefore, please do not send us back any used products, but prefer to give them away. You can find more information in our FAQs.

  • INCI: Aqua, Rosa Damascena Flower Water*, Aloe Barbadensis Gel*, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Water*, Lactobacillus Ferment* , Glycerin*, Gluconolactone*, Citrus Aurantium Amara Water*, Sodium Hyaluronate*, Prunus Persica Flower Extract* , Sodium Phytate* , Citric Acid* , Rubus Fruticosus Fruit Extract* , Potassium Sorbate**, Sodium Benzoate* **, Citric Acid* **  ** Konzentration unter 0,01 % (Spuren)

    * organic

    * Ecocert certified


    High and low molecular hyaluronic acid: We use two types of biotechnologically produced hyaluronic acid for optimal effects: the low molecular (fragmented) form penetrates into deep skin layers and hydrates, while the high molecular form has a superficial effect and fills the space between the collagen and elastic fibers and so that can achieve the typical "cushioning" effect.

    PHA Fruitacid: Accelerates skin renewal (peeling effect) and has the following effects: skin thickening; increased skin collagen production; Prevention of pore blockages that lead to pimples; smoother complexion and more even pigmentation as well as reduced pores. PHAs are as effective as their colleagues BHA and AHA, but are much more tolerable.

    Roseblossomwater: In order to bind moisture, it must also be included. We do this job with anti-inflammatory rose petal water and hibiscus flower extract, which is rich in calcium and accelerates the build-up of moisture in the skin.

    Chamomile hydrolate and aloe vera gel: For dry, irritated or inflamed skin, chamomile hydrolate is a boon and supports regeneration. Aloe vera juice is also a traditional remedy for inflammatory skin conditions and increases skin elasticity.

    Orangeblossomwater: Our organic orange blossom water supports the regeneration of the skin, has a soothing and cooling effect and has a decongestant effect.

    Peach blossom extract: Our peach blossom extract is said to have an effect against skin damage caused by environmental pollution. It is full of flavoids that have an antioxidant effect. The extract is obtained in a particularly gentle ´Ecosound´ ultrasound process, which is recognized by COSMOS and causes 3 times less CO2 emissions than conventional CO2 plant extracts.